Stage Barrier in AEO Barrier

Stage Barrier in AEO Barrier

The stage barrier is made of high quality iron steel and aluminum. The barrier provide a safe working area for security workers or medical personnel at the front of stage area. Also it can keep the audience safe and secure and reduce the possibility of accident.

Parts of the stage barrier:

Front panel
The main panel is formed by the perforated panels, which can allow the sound easily flows through them so that they never block a speaker or sound system. The front panel is made of aluminum steel sheet, hot dipped galvanized steel sheet.

Hot dipped galvanized steel front panel.

Foot board
The footboard is Anti-slip step plate. The anti-slip step plate footboard can prevent the security personnel from sliding.The security personnel can stand on the foot board to direct people and keep order.

Anti-slip step plate stage barrier foot board.

Front board
There is front board on the stage board. The front board is made of anti-slip step plate. There is a ramp on the front board to prevent people from tripping over.

The ramp on the front board can prevent people from tripping over.

The barriers are connected with the inner lock-system and bolts, they can be assembled quickly and easily. It can to double ensure the barricade could be connect strong by each other.

The inner lock-system of the stage barrier.

Various types
The stage barrier consists of various types of barriers to fit different needs of the events, such as the gates, angular panels and cable access panels.

Gate panel supply the entrance for the peoples.

Angular panel of the stage barrier can be used in the corner.


The aluminum stage barrier is lightweight than other materials. The perforation can reduce the weight of the panels.

The stage barrier folds flat for easy and compact storage, and also for convenient transport.

Perforation in the front panel is fully sound-permeable and allow the air movement.

Easy to install
The structure is simple, one person can install the panel in a few minutes without any tools.

Extended footboard make the barrier more stable. Corner angle is adjustable to be suitable for corner sites.

High security
The fence panel is smooth, without any sharp edge, it is security for the people.
the stage barrier can reduce the crowd accident possibility.
Ramp design prevents public from bumping into it or slipping over.
Smaller hole on front board to prevent hurting fingers.
Front anti-slip checker plate protect people from sliding down.


The stage barrier is usually used for crowd flow at manned or secured areas, such as the concert, festival, celebration events and other large public events.
The stage barrier supplies a safe environment for the performers.
The stage barrier offers a security space for the workers, security guards and medical personnels.
It can also be used to divide large audiences into sections and reduce the potentially dangerous crowd surges.

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