Flex Type

Flex Type

  •  Material:      Aluminum
  • Dimension: 1200mm(Height)x1000mm(width)
  • Bottom Empty Height: 120mm(Height)
  • Weight:         14.6 kg/set
    Surface Available:
  • Mill Finish,Black Powder Coated, etc.
  • Two Locks connection, one plate only can easily storage and transport.
  • Connected with other type barriers by the locking systems.
  • Use the bolts to fix them at the bottom.
  • Bottom height :120mm ( To let cables go through the bottom) .
  • Special hinged connection to create any angle shift in a barrier; Flexibale to use for angle turning.
  • Very useful to deal with uneven ground.

Available colors

available color



  • Any other color is customized.

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