Aluminum Concert Barrier

General type

1.General Type 

AEO Concert Barrier, used for crowd control in front of stage, between areas or designated areas, along passageway in concerts, performance, sports events, parade,

demonstration, speech, shows, etc.

2.Corner Type

Corner barrier is Flexible in angle adjustment from 90 degree to 270 degree. To make the Front of Stage Barrier used better in different condition of events sites.

3.Door Type

Door barrier is designed to make a passage along the stage barricade for the crowd audience or security personnel to go through.



4.Cable Path Type

A special kind of crowd barrier to make the cables to go through in the event sites.

5.Flex Type

A special kind of crowd barrier to allow the cables to go through, to turn angele and also deal with uneven ground in the event sites.

6.T-Shade Type

AEO New arrival of crowd barrier to create quickly a separate area. It can also use a corner barrier when a 90 degree barrier is needed.



Trolley: Made-in aluminum with wheels, to store and move the barriers easier. 10 barriers into one trolley.

Pallet: Made-in Iron & Free. 34 barriers into one pallet.

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