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Guangzhou AEOMESH Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal fence & Crowd Control barrier, we’ve produced metal fence & Crowd Control barrier for nearly 20 years. According to clients’ actual use demands, we divide our business scope into two parts: Fixed site safety protection & Temporary site safety protection.

1) Fixed Site Safety Protection

AEOMESH company has more than 20 years experience in producing metal fence, which makes us understand clients’ requirements much better. We built our own designer/engineer team since 2009, devoting ourselves to Fence product improvements & install solutions. Breaking the rule “Suppliers only provide products to clients”, AEOMESH takes charge of initial product design, medium-term production and final installation guide, (for some special projects, our engineers will be at site for the installation guide). AEOMESH has participated in more than 3000 fence projects all over the world, including protection fence for Military Base, Prison, Government entity, residential area, urban roads, Highway, Railway, etc.

2) Temporary Site Safety Protection

When government or social organizations organize public activities, temporary venues need to be enclosed. AEOMESH company focuses on the on-site installation design of the temporary fence/ Crowd Control barrier, providing products which are of quick install, quick evacuate, easy handling, easy storage and reusable. They help to achieve “Crowd control” easily and make your activities go on smooth. What’s more, “reusable” will reduce the user’s actual cost.


1996 – Hebei factory founded

2007 – Xinjiang factory founded

2009 – Guangzhou AEOMESH Wire Mesh CO., Ltd. established

2014 – Foshan factory founded


1. Surpassing firmness —- AEOMESH’s base for survival

2. Surpassing easily installation —- AEOMESH’s base for progress

3. Complete solution —- AEOMESH’s base for industry leader

4. Professional service Full service —- Implement transnational cooperation but not only trading.

5. Focus on production —- Quality endows products with value

6. Clients respect —- Every client is our lifetime partner

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