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How To Choose Concert Barrier

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All concert barriers look similar and function in the same way, however there is an enormous variation between brands in the specifications, manufacturing quality, product safety and price.

By taking a moment to familiarize yourself with what concert barrier you can look for:

  •  Ensure you buy a safe product that does not pose a risk of injury to your customers and employees

  •  Maximize your return on investment by choosing a robust long lasting product

How To Choose Concert Barrier – Safety

Safe Working Load

Tested by TUV&SGS, the safe working load of a concert barrier is 900KGS.

Special Lock System

Each barrier has 2 special designed locks, the locks are operated with a special tool which can  connect the barriers together as a firm wall in your concerts or other events. One lock is in the vertical frame, another is in the base frame.

Bolts- Free System

New design on vertical plate& base plate, the vertical plate won’t be pushed down without bolts.

New Step Plate

Easily pull up the step plate without hurting hand, anti-falling design to prevent security guard from falling backward when he stands on the edge of the plate.

Top Rail Cover

We have specially designed a cover to avoid hurting fingers from small seam between the top rails of concert barriers.

How To Choose Concert Barrier – Material


That determines the durability and cost of the product. Aluminum used in concert barriers, it is light, doesn’t rust.

Aluminum Barrier with stiffeners design, reinforced structure inside the frame tube and brace tube to make it work stronger and longer.

The surface treatments : mill finish (silver color ), powder coated (black color, etc.)

Galvanized steel

The use of galvanized steel to create concert barriers has the advantage of being inexpensive. However, it is easy to rust after the surface coating is worn.

How To Choose Concert Barrier – Assembly


concert barriers are supplied assembled and ready to use immediately. When you get it, it is folded, just pull up the vertical plate to base plate and open the step plate. Easy to install, fixed by hexagonal wrench (2 workers can install about 100 sets barrier within 1 hour). The labor cost of assembly can wipe out the savings made on freight. When choosing concert barriers, always check that assembly is fast , tool free.

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